"Cora" by Andrie Stoete
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$425.00 USD
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Reborn On ~ Oct. 8, 2010

 Weight ~ Approx. 6 lbs  1 oz

 Length ~ 21 Inches


Welcome to my reborn nursery. My name is Judy and I am the reborn artist of "Baby Kisses Nursery". I have making reborn dolls since March 2006 and it is such a joy for me to reborn each new little one into a one of a kind reborn baby. I take great pride in my work and strive to create the most realistic reborn that I can. I hope that you will enjoy my babies as much as I do and I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my nursery and looking at my newest little one.
 All of Toby's pictures have been taken in natural daylight over several days. My baby nursery is smoke free. Please feel free to email me with any questions that you may have.


Features At A Glance

Genesis Heat Set Paints ~ Micro Rooted Premium Light Brown Mohair

3/4 Arms & Legs ~ Jointed Soft Fabric Body

Sleeping Eyes ~ Baby Manicure

Hand painted Eyebrows ~ Hand Rooted Eyelashes

Amazing Lifelike Skin ~ Magnetic Pacifier

Adorable Layette




This sweet little baby boy started out as a Corae doll kit by the talented artist Andrie Stoete and has been lovingly reborn into this amazingly lifelike baby boy.  All of my babies here at “Baby Kisses Nursery” are created with a lot of time and love. Toby is not  a toy but a beautiful hand crafted collectable heirloom doll that can be passed down for many generations and is not recommended for very young children. If baby Toby has captured your heart please bid as there will never be another just like him. All of my babies are one of a kind and never duplicated.





First Toby was given a warm bubble bath to remove any factory residue from his skin and then began the long  process of bringing him to life. He has very lifelike skin tones that were achieved by applying many translucent layers of Genesis heat set paints. These paints are permanent and won't rub off over time. He has natural undertones of blue where a newborn's skin would naturally be thinner and a light mottling for a very realistic look. He has subtle veining on his head and limbs and all of his cute little folds and creases have been lovingly blushed. He even has tiny veins on his eyelids. His mouth has been painted a natural color and then sealed with a permanent varnish to give it a moist wet look. I applied a clear varnish to the inside of his cute little nose and his eye area to give them a natural moist look. Toby's skin tones are truly amazing with no detail overlooked for an ultra realistic look..





Toby has beautiful sleeping eyes and wispy hand rooted eyelashes to match his hair. He has light brown barely there eyebrows that I have painted on one stroke at a time.



All of Toby's cute little fingers and toe nails have been painted a soft baby pink, tipped in off-white and then sealed with a matte varnish for protection.



Toby has a jointed soft  fabric body made just for him. He has soft vinyl 3/4 arms and legs. He has been weighted with poly pellets, glass beads and soft poly fill. His little head can be gently turned from side to side and has also been weighted with bags of poly pellets and poly fill.  I have given this baby a magnetic pacifier. These magnets are very strong and care should be taken around certain electronics and people with pacemakers. If his new mommy would prefer to have them removed I would be happy to do this. Toby does not contain any sand so he can safely travel overseas.




 I spent many hours micro rooting Toby’s hair in a gorgeous shade of light brown premium angora mohair using a tiny 43 gauge needle. This mohair is so soft and fine it feels like a real baby's hair. His hair has been finely rooted in a natural growth pattern to give it a realistic appearance and has been sealed on the inside with a waterproof glue. His hair can be gently styled into cute little waves or curls with a little water or baby spray detangler.