Reborn dolls are fairly new to the doll world. Most reborn artists have been creating them for about 5 or 6 years.

I first noticed reborn dolls several years ago and was impressed with the realism achieved.

In the beginning reborn dolls were created from existing baby dolls that were taken apart and completely re-created. The process begins with the basic vinyl or silicone dolls being carefully taken apart and cleaned. All factory finishes, moulded hair lines, existing hair and eyelashes are carefully removed. The original eyes are replaced with top quality "Eyeco" or ‘Masterpiece’ eyes.

The picture above shows a Berenguer Angel Face doll just as it comes out of the box

This picture shows the same doll transformed into a realistic appearing baby girl. Check here for more pictures.

At first, the vinyl was painted by using a dye on the inside of the vinyl. The problem with that is that often times the dye soaked into the vinyl after time and it lost the original desired coloring. Artists also experimented with acrylic colors but they were not very durable. So, the art evolved into using oil colors, which also sometimes soaked into the vinyl and changed the coloring. In time most artists began using the heat set oil colors that offer permanent coloring and don’t soak into the vinyl. This is my choice of coloring and it works beautifully. It is non-toxic and permanent so the reborn baby will retain the beautiful natural coloring that is desired for realism. The paint looks most natural if it is applied in very thin layers and heated between each application.

Currently most reborn babies are created from blank vinyl kits that are designed for the reborn artist by some truly amazing sculptors.

This picture shows a Fleur sculpt done by Sheila Michael

The completed doll from the Fleur sculpt and you can see some additional pictures here

Reborn dolls usually have micro rooted hair. The art of micro rooting hair takes much practice and patience. Realistic hair requires a tiny felting needle and top quality angora mohair. Most of the angora mohair is sold already permanently dyed and ready to root. The hair is rooted using just a few strands of mohair at time and the look is absolutely perfect and so realistic!!

No two reborn dolls are ever alike. There are also many different Reborn Artists, and each one has her own way of doing things. An Artist will use the techniques that bring about the most lifelike "Baby" to them, with many hours of individual attention going into each one.