Custom Reborn Dolls and the Available Choices

Reborn dolls are made from a blank vinyl doll kit that has been hand painted and the hair hand rooted to look as realistic as possible. Each one is unique and one of a kind. I use only high quality materials in their creation. I would love to create a beautiful custom made reborn doll for you! I can bring your doll to life with the details that you choose. Whether you are looking for a sleeping baby, an awake baby, a boy or a girl, I can create it for you!

Be sure to visit the nursery and adopted pages to see samples of my work.

Doll Choices:

You are welcome to choose any sculpt that is still available from kit suppliers for your custom reborn doll. If you see a doll you like on my adopted dolls pages and if the sculpt is still available, I can make you a custom reborn doll similar to it. Just email me the name of the doll that interests you and the year it was adopted and I will let you know if it is still available. The reborn process takes approximately six to eight weeks from the time your sculpt arrives at my home.

Check out some of the available and most popular kits.

Skin Tones:

Each reborn baby I make is painted using high quality Reborn FX paints. These paints are applied in many translucent layers to create realism and depth. After all the painting is finished I add a final sealer coat which will protect your reborn baby's skin. These paints are permanent and won't fade over time. Your baby's nails will be tipped in off white and the nostrils will be shaded for depth. Your baby's creases will be shaded and he or she will be blushed in all the right places.

Your baby can have a variety of different skin tones and complexions. Light Caucasian skin tone, Medium Caucasian skin tone, Tan skin tone or Olive skin tone. Biracial, or AA skin tones are also available for an additional charge as these take much longer to do. You can email me with the details you would like for your baby. Mottling choices include light, medium or heavy newborn mottling.

Other details that can be added included are small baby scratches, tiny moles, milk dots and birth marks. If there are any other details you would like please can contact me.

Check out some of the different skin tones from previous dolls.


Your reborn baby can have hand rooted mohair or you can choose for your baby to be bald. The hair on your reborn is micro rooted 1-2 hairs at a time using a tiny felting needle and premium mohair. I root hair in the same natural growth patterns that a real baby's hair grows, and I give each one a swirl at the crown of the head. The hair is securely sealed inside with strong glue so that you can gently comb and style your baby’s hair. I use only the best quality mohair on my reborn dolls. Mohair comes as straight, slightly wavy or wavy and is available in many colors. You can check out my finished dolls to see if one of them has hair in a color you would like for your baby. Some of the color choices I have available are - Blonde, Strawberry Blonde and Dark Blonde Dark Brown, Chocolate Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Baby Brown, Fawn Brown, Black and Auburn.


Your custom reborn will come with realistic polyglass eyes as standard. You may upgrade to higher quality German glass eyes for an additional charge if you prefer more depth and realism. Reborn doll eyes are available in many different types and colors. The polyglass or acrylic eyes, while looking very realistic, are more economical than glass eyes. The German glass eyes are the most lifelike but are also more expensive and there is an added charge for them. Some glass eyes are hand blown so no two of this type will be exactly the same but they are paired up so they are as close as possible.


Fingernails and toenails are given that “just manicured” look and then sealed to prevent chipping or peeling.

Weighting of your reborn:

Your reborn will be weighted with fine crushed glass beads and soft poly fiberfill. If additional weight is needed, a small bag of tiny metal balls will be added to the dolls body and is surrounded by soft poly fiberfill.


Beating Heart
Belly Plate
Extra Hair bow   
Extra Layette
$25.00 to $40.00 depending on type of outfit

Your baby in most cases, can be equipped with a magnetic pacifier and/or a magnetic hair bow. These magnets are extremely powerful earth magnets and they are glued inside of your baby’s head, as well as to the hair bow.  The earth magnets should not be used or placed beside any electronic equipment, and they can not be used near anyone who may have a pacemaker. Please use caution if you choose to include earth magnets in your purchase. If you choose not to have magnets in your baby I can replace the magnetic pacifier with a modified one that uses soft pacifier putty. This putty is safe for your reborn and can be reused over and over again.

Custom orders include the following:

    - Your completed reborn baby
    - One 2 or 3 piece outfit of my choice
    - One baby receiving blanket
    - One magnetic pacifier
    - One magnetic hair bow or headband
    - A disposable diaper
    - A birth certificate
    - A care sheet
    - Any extras or accessories agreed upon during the purchase


Prices for my reborn dolls depend on the size of the sculpt and the supplies needed to make your baby. Each custom reborn baby takes approximately six to eight weeks to complete. Painting will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks and rooting will take approximately 2 to 5 weeks depending on the size of the dolls head and the length and thickness of the hair. A non refundable deposit of $175.00 USD for smaller babies and $200.00 USD for larger babies is required at the time of your order to cover the cost of kit and supplies.. The remaining balance plus shipping cost is due prior to the shipment of your reborn. There are no refunds on Custom doll orders once the doll kit has been ordered.

While I take every effort to meet your expectations for gender and skin tones, etc., it is not always possible to create the exact look you may desire. Please realize that it is not possible to create two identical reborns or to create a reborn that looks identical to a specific baby photo you may have.

You are welcome to be a part of the reborn process and to give your input as your baby is created. Photographs of my progress will be  shared via email and all custom orders are created with the customer's guidance. 

If you are interested in a custom doll, contact me at